3 Steps To Start The Fiberglass Pool Installation Process

13 June 2023
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An in-ground pool installation adds a place of luxury right in your backyard. To properly install a pool, a lot of steps need to be done. The first steps may not take much but are some of the important steps of the process. Once you know how each step works, you can take your time to make proper decisions and choose the best options for your new pool installation.

Check out some of the first steps used for an in-ground fiberglass pool installation.

1. Pool Selection

The pool selection process will help you pick a pool design to fit into your background. Pools come in all shapes and sizes, so you want to ensure you pick a pool design that can fit in your backyard and still give you the living space you want. As you browse through pool designs, take note of the pool dimensions.

Using tape measures and rope, you can visualize the design in your backyard and know exactly how much room the pool will take.

2. Dig Sheet & Layout

Once you select the exact pool model you want, an installation company will generate a dig sheet. The dig sheet will showcase how much area needs to be dug out of your property to ensure the pool installation fits. This process also includes the layout of the pool. For example, you may want the steps into the pool to face the left side rather than the right.

Once you finalize the layout, pool contractors will use the dig sheet to paint an outline of the dig onto your property. At this time, you should stop using the backyard area so you do not disrupt the installation process. You don't want to mess with the dig lines in any way or cause delays in the pool installation.

3. Excavation

After the placement marks are made with the dig sheet, a pool company will begin the excavation process. Large trucks will dig out areas to create a tight-fitting hole for the fiberglass pool placement. During this time, excess dirt will get spread out across the outside of the pool installation area.

You will need to consider whether you want to plant more grass or add a patio area around the pool installation. The excavation process will include a lot of leveling to ensure the pool fits evenly inside the hole and no problems occur with the property itself.

Contact a fiberglass pool contractor to start the installation process and have your pool installed as soon as possible.