Why This Fall Is A Good Time To Get Fencing Installed Around The Family Pool

12 October 2022
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Have you been wanting to add fencing to your backyard pool but never got around to it this past summer? Instead of waiting until next year to get the job done, there are several good reasons to consider getting your new pool fencing installed this autumn season even after you have drained the pool and closed it down for the year. Here's why you should reach out to a local pool fencing contractor to discuss your needs.

You Might Get a Deal If You Get It Installed This Fall

The end of summer can often bring with it clearance sales for all things related to swimming pools. Even fencing contractors who might get paid to put up other types of fences might offer a deal or two on pool fencing at the tail end of summer or after the fall season has begun. You are likely to get a better price when demand is lower in the autumn compared with buying the fencing when demand goes back up next spring or summer.

You Won't Have to Wait for the Contractor's Schedule to Open Up

Beyond the pricing, you'll also have to make sure you can fit into your chosen contractor's schedule. That could be a tight fit if you wait until next summer to make the phone call and you might even have to open your pool without the protective fencing around it while you wait for your turn. It's more likely that a contractor that specializes in pool fencing will be able to come out to your house quickly when you call during their down season.

You Should Still Protect Small Children and Pets From Your Closed Pool

Just because the pool is mostly or completely drained of water does not mean it's not a potential hazard for small children or pets. Pool fencing around the entire pool can provide peace of mind this fall and all winter long, keeping your most vulnerable family members well out of harm's way.

Keep Bad Actors Out

You never know what the neighborhood teens or some other troublemakers might get up to, even if your pool is obviously closed up for the year. It's possible to build a pool fence that doesn't just act as a barrier for children, but has a much higher barrier to block entry onto your property entirely. Your tall fence will continue to provide this extra security for your property next summer and for many years to come.