Having A New Inground Pool Installed? Steps Taken To Construct It

22 September 2022
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If you have decided to have an inground pool installed at your home, it can be helpful to learn how the pool is constructed. This will allow you to get ready for the process. Below are some steps pool companies take when installing a new pool.

Design the Pool

The first thing you will do is decide on a pool design. Many pool companies have consultants that can help you with this. The contractor will come to your property to determine the best size and shape to make your pool. They will go by the size of your yard and the surroundings, such as how many trees are in your yard, and the type of landscaping you have.  

Get Permits

Another important part of constructing a pool is getting the right permits. The swimming pool contractor that you hire will know the permits you need and where to get them. As soon as you approve the pool design, they will start this process. The contractor will submit their drawings and proposal to your city's permitting office to be approved before they start any work. Depending on where you live you may not have to have any kind of permit. 

Start Excavating 

The pool company will start to bring heavy excavation equipment to your property to do the digging. It may take an entire day to completely excavate the area. You also have to take into consideration that the heavy equipment needs a place to get onto your property. You may have to move outdoor furniture, potted plants, etc. so make sure you ask them where they plan to come in at. The soil removed can be saved, if you prefer, to use in other areas of your yard. Anything not used will be hauled away. 

Install Rebar and Plumbing

Rebar is an important part of constructing a swimming pool. This is like putting a protective barrier around the inside of the pool. When the pool is filled with water there is a huge amount of pressure on the walls of the pool. Rebar is installed in these areas to prevent this pressure from causing damage. Once the rebar is installed, the plumbing is then installed. A plumber may be called in to do this as the piping is what carries water from the pool and to the pool. 

Once all of this is completed, the swimming pool construction contractor installs the tile for the pool, fills the pool with water, and then installs the decking. All of this generally takes a few weeks to complete.