Upgrades For Pool Equipment Before Summer Weather Cause Failures

26 January 2022
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Soon, the summer weather will mean you have to deal with regular pool maintenance. If you can get ahead of the summer weather with the right pool equipment upgrades, then you can avoid premature failures that could cause you to need to close your pool early. The following pool equipment upgrade information will help you choose the right solutions for the needs of your pool:

Adding Chemical Feeders

A chemical feeder is an automatic device that can distribute pool chemicals throughout the pool water when they are needed. For example, if you're using chlorine tablets or floaters, the feeder can distribute chlorine throughout your pool water at set intervals. This ensures that the chlorine level does not drop below a certain point and ensures that you do not have to add more chlorine throughout the day. This also eliminates any risk of accidentally adding too much chlorine to the pool water.

Investing in Better Pool Cleaning Tech

Many pool owners have experienced the frustration of having to close their pools because they can't keep them clean. This can be an especially devastating setback if it is not predicted and prepared for.

Adding new equipment to your swimming pool will make it easier to keep your pool clean while using less effort than before. When choosing the swimming pool cleaning equipment, you should consider the size of your pool, how many people use it, how often you use it, how big of a filter system you want, and what kind of chemicals are used in addition to the water itself.

The best way to avoid any problems is by investing in a better pool system. Automated robotic cleaners are faster than manual cleaners and use fewer chemicals. They can keep up with even large pools that require a lot of upkeep. You should also look for a cleaner with vacuum capabilities, which will suck up any loose debris into its filter bag before it has a chance to spread through your pool or clog your pipes.

Improvements to Pool Filtration Systems

The best way to prevent pool equipment failures and other problems is to keep up with routine maintenance. You can upgrade your filtration system with a new motor or new filter cartridges, which may increase energy efficiency or cut down on maintenance time.

A new pool skimmer basket will prevent leaves, sticks, bugs, and other debris from clogging your skimmer basket while also protecting your pool pump from damage that could require a costly repair or replacement. A new cartridge system can be installed before the season begins, and it will often last longer than standard filters. There are also options like sand filters or saltwater filtration systems.

Get ahead of summer with the best pool equipment upgrades to reduce the stress of pool maintenance. Contact a swimming pool equipment service today to start planning these upgrades to your pool before the weather gets warmer.