Tips For Dealing With A Vinyl Liner Pool Leak

15 December 2021
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Do you have a vinyl liner swimming pool that has a leak in it? If so, it will help to know some tips for dealing with a vinyl liner leak.

Do Not Drain The Pool

Repairing a leak to a vinyl pool liner doesn't involve draining the pool so that the surface is dry. The entire repair can be done underwater in a way that is effective. This can help save you a ton of money by not having to drain a pool and refill it. 

Trim Your Repair Patch

You'll need to cut a repair patch to place over the leak. The repair patch that you make should be about twice as big as the rip in the vinyl, and you'll want to make sure that the patch has round edges. This prevents there being a corner that can easily cause the patch to become ripped off. 

Apply A Vinyl Adhesive

With the patch prepared, you can now apply a vinyl adhesive to the rear side of the patch. You want to cover the entire piece of vinyl with adhesive, including the edges. This is where people often make a mistake, since those edges that do not stick to the pool liner create a place where the patch can become dislodged. 

Pinch The Adhesive Patch Together

As you move the patch underwater to bring it to the leak, you'll want to pinch the adhesive sides of the patch together so that it limits its contact with the water. You're not going to keep the adhesive completely away from the water, but it helps as much adhesive as possible stay on the patch.

Apply The Patch With Pressure

Once you reach the rip in the liner, you can open the patch quickly and apply it to the damaged area with firm pressure. You'll want to use your fingers to smooth out the patch so that there are no air bubbles trapped underneath it. 

Leave The Patch Alone

You'll now want to leave the patch alone for at least a day so that the adhesive can do its worth. A chemical reaction is happening that is going to bond the two pieces of vinyl together. If you try to check the vinyl patch by pulling on it to see if the adhesive is working, you can actually disrupt the bonding process and not cause the patch to bond. Just leave it alone and let the adhesive work as intended. 

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