Refurbishing The Pools With New Tile Surfaces For A Fresh, Custom Design

9 November 2021
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As the sun begins to set on the days of tanning on pool decks, it's time to think about renovations. Nothing spells summer quite like an oasis of cool water and pretty tile. Before you get started, you want to know what a tile pool refurbishment is and what your options are. The following tile pool refurbishment guide will help you get started.

Planning for Tile Pool Renovations

Before you can start renovating your pool for your tile pool refurbishment, some planning needs to be done. A pool renovation or remodel is a big project. The job requires a lot of planning and careful execution.

Before deciding what changes to make, you first have to think about what you want changed. Consider things like the existing pool surface and how you want to change it. If the surface is plaster, you might be updating it with tile, or if it is old tiles, you might consider using stone or just restoring the tile to make it look new again. Even if you are only restoring the tiles, some details can be added to enhance your pool's appearance.

Pool Tile Surface Details

When refurbishing the tile in your pool, there are several options to enhance the appearance by adding details. These details can include things like adding borders below the coping and other design accents. It is important to use a tile that will finish your pool area, giving it a unique, customized look.

The pool tile surface materials you use for your refurbishment can add details and design to your swimming area. The details you choose should be carefully thought out. For example, if you use a tile with a linear finish, you can accent the shape of your pool with a border around it. You can also accent your pool with a border that is finished in a contrasting color to the pool tile surface details.

Pool Tile Cleaning and Sealing

The pool surfaces are cleaned by using a variety of approaches like high-pressure water spray, scrubbing brushes, steel brushes, and muriatic acid. Some pools have special surfaces such as porcelain tile decks that are pre-sealed by the manufacturer. These are great for pool refurbishment projects because new tile surfaces can be laid directly on top of the tiles.

When pools have been neglected, the surfaces need to be resealed. This is a necessary step because tile surfaces can absorb moisture, and when this happens, eventually, the pores in the tile open up, and the tile begins to deteriorate. Therefore, you want to make sure tiles' surfaces are sealed during your pool refurbishment project.

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