About Spa Servicing And How It Can Help You With Your Spa

12 October 2021
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Your hot tub can bring you much pleasure. You can relax in it after a hard day's work, use it to relieve your aching muscles after a hard workout, and even create a special and romantic moment for you and your partner. This is why you want to make sure you do all you can to keep it in the best condition possible. Hiring a spa service to tend to your spa is a good way for you to make sure it stays clean and in good condition. Here are some things that you should know about spa services

Spa services include regular, proper, and complete cleaning of your spa

There are a number of tasks that should be tended to when cleaning the spa. When someone comes out to service the spa, they will tend to these things. They include scrubbing and vacuuming the entire tub, checking and cleaning the filters, and adding the necessary chemicals to ensure the water is at the right balance. 

Spa services can help you prevent and/or get rid of problems

There are a number of problems that can happen with your spa for a variety of reasons. When you have your spa being professionally serviced, they will catch problems early and be able to correct the issue. They can also educate you on how to avoid problems in the future. Here are some things that can happen to your spa:

Spa scum

Things like residue, lotions, and imbalanced water can cause scum. The scum can be a different color depending on what is causing it. When a spa is being serviced by a professional, they will know what the problem is, help correct it, and let you know how to avoid it in the future. 


There are things that can cause your spa to end up with stains. A couple of examples of some possible causes include metal in the spa or calcium buildup. When servicing the spa, they will spot the stains and get rid of them while explaining how to avoid more stains in the future.

Cloudy water

Cloudy water may not look refreshing, but it might not seem very threatening either. However, cloudy water is not good and can lead to health risks. It can be caused by contaminants and bacteria in the spa. The spa service can clear the water up for you and give you advice on how to maintain clear water in the future. 

Now that you know more about the various benefits that spa services can offer, you will likely want to schedule spa servicing for yours soon.