How To Give Your Luxury Custom Pool A Waterpark Vibe

2 September 2021
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For kids and those who are young at heart, there are few summer activities that are more enjoyable than visiting a waterpark. Whether this attraction is outdoors or indoors, you can expect plenty of laughs and some thrills — and a collective desire that the day won't come to an end soon. If you've decided to add a luxury custom pool to your yard, your family may spend more time in this space than at your local waterpark in the years ahead. One fun idea is to do your best to give your new pool a waterpark-like vibe — albeit on a small scale. Here are some ideas that you can implement.

Multiple Slides

Waterparks typically have many different slides, allowing people to experience thrills as they make their way into the water. You'll see a lot of residential pools that have a single slide, but you may wish to consider having your builder add multiple slides. Doing so can definitely offer a waterpark-like feel to your luxury pool. You'll want to choose different types of slides. For example, you might have one that is open and another that is fully enclosed. You can even have one that starts higher above the pool deck for those who want extra fun.

Splash Pad

For kids, no visit to a waterpark is complete without spending some time at the splash pad. It can be fun to run around this space before jumping into a nearby pool. If you have the space, there's no reason that you can't plan to have some splash pad elements adjacent to the edge of your pool. A few water features, including water cannons and overhead buckets that fill with water and then tip over, can be a popular part of your custom pool area — especially when your children have friends over to play on hot, sunny days.

Multiple Jets

Jets are common in hot tubs, and you'll also find them in pools, too. One option that you can think about is to have your pool contractor install multiple jets in a specific area of the pool. Doing so will make this water rough, which can make it feel a little reminiscent of a wave pool that you might find at a waterpark. Your family members and guests will enjoy swimming into this area and feeling the jets of water pushing against their bodies from multiple directions.

There are many things you can do if you install a luxury pool. Contact a contractor for more information.