Fiberglass Pool Installation Options For Durable Custom Designs That Withstand The Test Of Time

20 July 2021
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If you are ready to build a custom pool for your home, there are several options to consider. One of the options that you might want to consider is a fiberglass pool. In the past, fiberglass shells have been mostly generic designs, but today, there are more options. The following fiberglass pool options are some of the things you might want to consider for your home:

Fiberglass Shell Shapes and Custom Additions

The shape of the fiberglass shell is one of the first things that you want to consider for your pool. These shapes include many different options that can be square, round, or custom shapes made especially for your project. There are also options for additional components that can be added to the pool design, such as custom stairs, wading pools, or hot tubs.

Pipe Installations and Equipment for Fiberglass Shells

Pipes are also important when installing a fiberglass pool. When your shell is installed, you might want to ask about having the pipes attached to the shell with ties. It is important that plumbing is well attached to ensure pipes don't move and get damaged due to the natural movement of the soil. In addition, you want to choose the right type of filtration for your pool. Fiberglass pools are great for saltwater systems because they are more resistant to corrosion.

Custom Finishes for Fiberglass Shell Surfacing

There are also options for custom fiberglass shell surfacing. In the past, fiberglass pools have been finished with a generic coating and lacked some of the custom designs that you see with concrete and tile pools. Today, there are options for textures and custom surfacing that can also be added to a fiberglass pool. This gives you more options for a custom pool design to add to your home.

Custom Coping and Pool Decks for Fiberglass Shells

There are also options for custom coping that can be installed with a fiberglass pool. These can be bull-nosed edges that have a small counter lever over the edge of the water. There are also options for custom pool deck surfaces, which can include soft porous pavements and cool deck surfacing systems. These features help to give your fiberglass a custom design with safety features for your pool.

There are benefits to using a fiberglass shell for your new custom pool design. Contact a fiberglass pool installer to ask about these options for your project.