Pool Leak Detection To Solve Your Water Loss Problems This Summer

13 May 2021
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The summer months are a time when you can have problems with water loss in your pool. These problems are often mistaken for evaporation but can lead to other water quality issues and damage to equipment. Therefore, you should repair issues with pool leaks during the summer months. The following pool leak detection information will help you solve any issues with leaks that you might encounter.

Equipment Plumbing Connections

The connections to your pool equipment may be the first areas that leak. This often happens right after opening the pool. The leaks are due to the connections not being properly connected after preparing the pool after the winter months. There are also seals, gaskets, and valves that can eventually wear out and cause pool leaks during the summer months.

Torn Liners and Cracked Surfaces

There are several types of pool surfaces that can leak during the summer months. This often happens when the surfacing materials crack. This can lead to sediment getting into the pool and causing serious damage. If you have a vinyl liner, there are other issues that can cause leaks. These problems may be due to tears or small punctures in the liner. It is important to repair leaking pool liners before the damage becomes too severe and you need to have the liner replaced.

Damaged Skimmers and Inlets

The skimmers and inlets are connections inside the pool that often leak. Damaged skimmers can cause unnoticed leaks and issues with the filter and pump equipment. Leaks around inlet seals can also be problems that need to be repaired. The damaged skimmers and inlets need to be replaced to solve the issues with leaks.

Pool Drains and Plumbing Issues

The drain of your pool and plumbing can also be areas where there are serious problems. Pool drains can become damaged over time and eventually leak. This can cause problems with the base materials beneath the pool if you have a liner, which can lead to tears. Pool plumbing can also leak due to wear and damage. A common cause of pool plumbing leaks is water being left in the lines over the winter months. If the water freezes, it can cause the pipes to crack and leak.

Pool leaks can lead to issues with water levels and problems with your pool equipment. Contact a company that offers pool leak detection services for help solving these issues before they cause damage.