A New Backyard Pool Is A Good Way To Keep Your Family Active And Entertained

27 December 2020
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A swimming pool is a good investment when you want to provide hours of family fun at home. Your kids can swim every day in the summer and get healthy exercise and be entertained at the same time. Building an inground pool is a lot of work, and it takes a long time to complete if you choose a concrete pool. Here are some things you may want to discuss with your pool contractor.

The Type Of Pool

You may have an idea of how deep you want your pool depending on how you plan to use it. If you want a diving board, you'll want a pool with a deep end. However, kids can have plenty of fun without a diving board by jumping off the side in shallower water. You may want to discuss the pros and cons of having a pool with a deep end with your contractor.

Another thing to discuss is if you want a concrete pool or a fiberglass shell. Fiberglass pools go in quicker, but they come already formed. If you want a custom pool, concrete is a better choice.

The Features For Your New Pool

You'll want to decide before planning and construction begin about the features you want so the contractor doesn't have to make any changes mid-way and prolong the project. You might want tanning shelves, a slide, waterfall, water jets, or a beach entry for your pool. The contractor needs to know the exact details and how you want them positioned in the pool and on your property so plans can be drawn up for your pool.

The Permits And Inspections Needed

Your pool has to be built to local codes, and your contractor will probably obtain the permits and handle the codes office inspections for you. The contractor doesn't have any control over how fast the codes office works or the cost for the permits.

Since your pool will have plumbing and electrical components, those need to be inspected along with the pool itself so the city can give its approval. You might even be required to put up a pool fence, and that has to be built to code as well.

The Pool Construction Process

Ask your pool contractor about what to expect with the building of your pool, so you stay informed. Swimming pool construction may start by laying a form on the soil where the pool will be positioned. Then the hole is excavated with heavy machinery to create space for the pool.

Support for the walls and floor are added along with plumbing connections. A lot of work has to be done before it's time to bring in the concrete. Once the concrete floor and walls have been added, the concrete has to cure. The pool contractor might want you to water down the pool a few times a day to help the concrete cure properly.

Once the pool is ready, it's filled and tested. The pool is checked for leaks and for proper operation of the plumbing and electrical parts. After the final inspection, your pool will be ready for use once you've balanced the chemicals and cleaned the pool and deck.