Must Know Subliminal Signs That Your Pool Pump Needs To Be Replaced

1 December 2016
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If pool pumps could talk, they would likely have a lot to say about how they are neglected and abused by their owners. Unfortunately, pool pumps cannot speak, but they do exhibit signs that can help people to know when they might need to be replaced. The following information will help you to better understand these important signs that pool pumps make when they need to be replaced. 

Power Trips

If you have started to notice that power trips often happen when your pool is in use, it might be a pool pump issue. Perhaps you are using other electrical powered items when your pool is in use. The combined electrical usage might be causing your problem. For example, your pool pump and pool heater might both require a significant amount of electricity to operate. You might be able to minimize power trips by upgrading to a pool heater that is solar-powered. However, if your pool pump is on the verge of needing to be replaced, making changes in your to the type of pool heater you use likely will not stop the power surges. 

Loud Operation

You may remember fonder days when your pool pump operated with a pleasant hum sound. Perhaps you have noticed that the sound from the pump is gradually getting louder. This is likely a sign that your pump is in need of servicing or replacement. It is possible that you have a loud pool pump because there are simple repairs needed such as replacement motor bearings, shaft seals, or components that are compromised by rust. 

Silent Operation

If your pool pump has suddenly stopped producing any sounds at all, it may a sign that the pump has already failed. This means that you might not have an option to get the pump repaired. It is possible for power issues to cause a pump to temporarily appear to not be working. This is why you should always check your power source to ensure that it is working. For example, check your circuit panel to determine whether you have an issue such as a fuse needing to be replaced or a circuit switch needing to be turned back on. 


Your pump may be several years old, and it is important to remember that they are not designed to last forever. This is why it is sensible to use a pool services contractor like Majestic Services as a resource to determine if your pool pump needs to be replaced due to being outdated. Older pool pumps may perform, but they can cause other issues such as energy loss.