How To Avoid Common Pitfalls When Building A Pool To Get What You Really Want

23 May 2016
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You're often going to have a sense of your perfect pool in your head. The problem is that this is often something that exists in a vacuum, and as a result it's easy to forget certain considerations that may affect how your pool will actually be like once you build it. Here are a few common mistakes people make when choosing a pool, including how to avoid them.

Forgetting About Climate

Climate makes a big difference when it comes to the decisions you make for pool building. For example, if you're in a warmer climate you're going to want to make the pool a shape that's easier to cover with a heating mat, such as a rectangle. You also may want to consider types that work well with pool heaters and have space for them.

If it rains a lot, you'll want to consider a gazebo or other enclosed structure nearby. This is also the case if there's too much wind in your climate.

Failing to Account for Local Wildlife

You may not worry about building a stout fence as much if you don't live in an area where there are serious animals to worry about such as in fairly urban areas in the north. But, if you live in Florida, for example, designing fences with alligators in mind is important since it's so common of them to find their way into these enclosures.

If you have trees in your backyard, it's also a common mistake to build pools underneath them without considering this first. Animals can drop from trees, including especially insects like ants. If you want to minimize how much maintenance your pool is going to require, it's best to remove trees or stay away from them when you build your pool. You may be able to simply remove branches as well.

Being Too Practical

Being practical is obviously usually a good thing, but a pool is supposed to be something that's fun and that improves your life. Don't hold back on any accessories that you truly want and that will make the experience much more fun. People seldom regret building that extra heater or adding that light for swimming at night.

If you take an extra minute to go over your pool plans, you'll be glad you did later. You can avoid the mistakes of others and end up with a pool you're really happy with. And for more information and ideas, talk with professional pool contractors, such as those at Contemporary Pools Inc.