3 Tips To Get Your Pool Ready For Old Man Winter

7 April 2016
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It can be hard to let go of summer as it fades away. If you own a swimming pool, you'll no doubt want to squeeze in as many more swimming sessions as you can before it's too late. But as you note the dropping temperatures, it's also important to start taking steps to prepare your pool for the cold months ahead. Here are 3 tips to help you get your pool ready for what's to come.

Don't Forget to Scrub the Tile Liner When Cleaning the Pool

It's important before you shut down the pool for the year to make sure that the water is as clean as possible. This means running the pool vacuum and skimming the surface for spots of debris you may have missed. You will also want to give the liner inside the pool a good scrubbing. If you let any scum or other substances stick to it, it will become much more difficult to remove next spring after it has had all winter to set.

Remove Some But Not All of the Water

You will want to remove a good bit of water because water expands when it freezes and you don't want there to be damage caused to your pool as a result. Drain the water so that it goes below the skimmers. But leave at least some liquid in the pool. The soil underneath the pool may expand when the water in it freezes during the months ahead. By keeping at least some water in the pool, you are applying weight and pressure onto the ground so that it can't come right up and damage the underside of the pool.

Hire A Pool Winterizing Service

While a proper cleaning combined with leaving the water at the right level will go a long way towards keeping your pool in good shape, there's a lot more work to be done if you want to get things started next spring with a minimal amount of effort. You will need to balance the water chemistry so that it can handle the colder weather ahead. Some parts of your pool like the heater, filter and pump may also require special care. For best results, hire a professional winterizing service contractor for the job. 

When shutting your pool down for the winter, pay extra close attention to cleaning the pool liner and making sure the water is drained to a sufficient level. But the more complicated tasks like balancing the water chemistry and preparing the pump and filter system should be handled by a professional for best results.