Pros And Cons Of A Pool Heater

30 March 2016
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Imagine yourself enjoying a night swim beneath the evening sky. As you float on your back in the water and look up at the moon, your body forms goosebumps. It is at this moment you wish upon the stars that your pool was heated. If you've ever thought about heating your pool water, then this article is for you. Below will weigh the major pros and cons of a pool heater.

The Pros

A pool heater can help swimming become an enjoyable daily occurrence no matter the time of day or season, but don't let that be the only reason you purchase one. Consider three major pros of purchasing a pool heater:

  1. Swim Whenever You Want: Whether there is snow on the ground or heat radiating from the sun, a heated pool knows no season. Having a heated pool means that you don't have to roll out the tarp in September. Instead, extend your swim season and become the most popular house on your block.
  2. Helps Getting into the Pool: Having a pool heater will make taking a moment to adjust to cool water a thing of the past. This is especially true for small children who are sensitive to water temperature. Keeping the water comfortable will be more enjoyable.
  3. Makes Night Swimming Easier: If you enjoy a night time swim, a heated pool will allow you to soak up starlight for as long as you choose. 

The Cons

Although there are obvious positives to a pool heater, there are also some negatives. For example:

  • It Can Be Too Expensive: Purchasing a pool heater can be costly, especially because there are different types requiring different power sources, such as propane, electric, natural gas, and solar. Depending on what falls within your budget, running the heater could prove to be too expensive in the long run.
  • Too Much Maintenance: The thought of using your pool year round is fun. However, it also means that you have a lot of maintaining to do. This includes things like cleaning, replacing drains, and checking chlorine levels. Maintaining your pool year round may be more costly to time and resource than you expect.

The Bottom Line

Still having doubts? That's okay. It may be time to talk to a pool professional like Mannix Pools. It is better to be safe than make a costly mistake. Be sure to complete routine maintenance on your pool so that if functions properly. Above all, use precautions when it comes to swimming in your pool. An improperly installed or maintained heater could pose danger.