4 Tips To Renovate And Prepare Your Pool For Summertime Fun

29 March 2016
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With the spring months here and the weather beginning to change, it is time to start thinking about spring cleaning and maintenance around your home. If you have a pool, this may include preparing it to be open this summer. In addition to normal pool maintenance, you may want to consider improvements to renovate your pool. Here are some improvements and renovations to consider before you open your pool for the summer months:

1. Updating The Filter For Newer Modern Systems

If your pool has an old cartridge filter system, it may be time to consider having it replaced. There are newer filters that use natural materials to filter the water, which can leave your pool crystal clear and reduce maintenance. Sand filters are an affordable solution that can help improve the water quality in your pool and reduce the need for chemical treatments.

2. Installing A Solar Water Heater To Get More Use Out Of Your Pool

Even when the weather is nice out, it can take months for the water in your pool to warm up. Much of the year it is too cold to swim, even if it is warm outside. A solar water heater can be a simple addition to your pool to help you get more use out of it. It can also help keep the water at a comfortable swimming temperature for more enjoyment.

3. Add An Automated Cover To Make Maintenance Easier And Reduce Care Costs

Debris that gets into your pool can be a big problem that causes you to need a lot more maintenance. During the months your pool is closed, you probably have a cover on it but it can be too difficult to remove and put back on during the summer. A good solution can be to install an automated pool cover that you can use all year to keep the water clean.

4. Give Your Pool Area A New Look With A New Pool Deck Surface

Old concrete pool decks can be unattractive and eventually wear out. Before you open your pool this year, you may want to consider adding a new pool deck surface. This can help give your pool area a more attractive look. You may also want to consider using a slip-resistant material to make your pool area a safer place.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider for your pool to prepare it for the summer months. If you need help with renovations that are more than typical maintenance, contact a pool service such as Aquatic Pool Plastering to help you ensure your pool is ready for opening this summer.