Create A Vacation Getaway In Your Own Backyard

21 May 2015
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Creating a backyard retreat is a homeowner's dream. Not only does it provide outdoor living space, it increases the value of your property. Here are four must-have items your private hideaway needs.

Hot Tub

Nothing is better than slipping into a hot tub after a hard day of work or an intense workout. Spas have been used since ancient times to relax, soothe sore muscles, and reduce joint strain from the buoyancy of the water. Therapeutic jets can be controlled to direct water pressure where you need it, at the force you need. It's like getting a massage.

Two kinds of hot tubs are available: portable or built-in. Portable tubs are above ground, whereas built-ins are sub-surface, much like an inground pool. Additional features, such as a soothing waterfall element or aromatherapy, can make for an even more relaxing experience. Built-in hot tubs can also incorporate a dressing room, shower, or sauna, creating your own personal spa area. Check out sites like to see the many great options that await you.

Fire Pit

Man has enjoyed sitting around a fire since the beginning of time. The aroma of the wood and the crackling warmth it provides is comforting. If you don't want the hassle of wood, you can opt for gas or propane fueled models. It also helps reduce annoying insects, like mosquitoes, from ruining your evening. It can even be used to cook some s'mores or hot dogs!

Like a hot tub, a fire pit can be portable or built-in. Many built-in fire pits also have built-in bench seating surrounding them, making lawn chairs unnecessary. A fire pit also enables those living in northern climates to extend their backyard time to three seasons.


A pergola, or a gazebo, is a roofed garden feature that provides shade while allowing the rest of the structure to remain open. The roof can be covered with an outdoor fabric canopy, or it can be covered with pretty, fast-growing fragrant vines, like wisteria or clematis. Sitting under a pergola can be considerably cooler and offers protection from the direct sun.

Outdoor Kitchen

No backyard haven would be complete without the grill and adjoining bar. Entertain guests with your culinary skills while they sip on one of your signature libations. An outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Under-counter refrigerators, wine refrigerator, ice machine, and even a built-in smoker or pizza oven are also available to give you the quintessential outdoor cooking space. 

With a yard like this, you'll never want to go in the house and your neighbors won't want to go home.